What Is Three-Way Matching & Why Is It Important?

3 way match

It will help to reduce errors and improve the overall efficiency of the process. Three-way matching process is vital to any business, as it helps to protect from costly errors and potential fraud. Automating 3-way matching is simple when you upgrade to Planergy’s e-procurement system.

With all your historical ordering and matching data centralized, you surface other purchasing insights, refine your reporting process, and get to the bottom of issues and exceptions more quickly. Three-way matching adds the receiving report or receipt of goods as a further verification method. When you require goods or services, you send a request to a supplier. The request is in the form of an approved PO containing the quantities of goods or services needed, the required delivery date, and other details necessary for the supplier to fulfill the order. Then, the supplier delivers ten boxes of paper accompanied by the goods receipt note. But when you receive the invoice, you notice that the supplier billed you for eleven boxes.

Who performs the three-way match?

The invoice also consists of the quantities of goods or services purchased and the total amount due. The invoice must match the purchase order and delivery note for the three-way match to be successful. In this article, we will discuss the purpose of three-way matching, its advantages, and how it can improve your accounts payable process.

3 way match

It can help to identify potential issues and discrepancies and can help to prevent them from occurring. Businesses will also be able to save time and money using automated systems. They will not need manual labor to complete the three-way matching process.

What you need to perform a three-way invoice match

This just makes all sorts of data comparisons pretty straightforward. Integrations with ERPs and accounting software also become convenient. Thanks The Basics of Nonprofit Bookkeeping to the wonders of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), your devices can appear to be back at home, even when you’re visiting other places.

  • This just makes all sorts of data comparisons pretty straightforward.
  • Investing in automated 3-way matching is an excellent way for organizations to make an impact in all three of those priorities.
  • Over time, documents could get damaged, lost, stolen or go missing.
  • Any relevant or necessary approvals are obtained electronically and even remotely.
  • This payment verification technique validates the information across the trio of related documents.

Implementation of three-way matching is to create a policy that outlines the procedure for matching the three documents. The purchase order number should also include any applicable terms and conditions. Any information that needs to be corrected should be fixed before the order is sent to the supplier.

Three-Way Invoice Match

Downbeat feelings about the housing market will also continue to weigh down sales activity. Even if the US avoids a recession, the downturn in home sales is likely to last a long time, Fannie Mae said in a previous note. In Fannie Mae’s survey, sellers cited high mortgage rates as the number one reason why they thought it was a bad time to sell their homes. That suggests the shortage of housing inventory is likely to drag on, which has helped push up home prices over the past year. Thus, they can apply the 3-Way Matching Procedure to help manage invoices in a more structured method.

They check the invoices against corresponding purchase orders and order receipts. This process reduces the chances of paying for fraudulent invoices. It represents a better internal control solution than two-way and four-way matching. Still, businesses can take several steps to make this process more efficient. An automated system saves time and effort and allows the business to grow. A four-way match is a special type of invoice matching most often applicable to regulated industries and businesses with very high standards for accepting goods from a manufacturer or supplier.

What is 3-way matching in accounts payable?

An invoice that fails matching tolerances is placed on hold and is sent for appropriate review. DAZN has been the home of some of the biggest boxing matches of the year, and this is just the tip of what they serve. If you love live sports, and particularly boxing, a DAZN subscription could be worth exploring. Here are some of the benefits of three-way matching for businesses.

Then, the invoice should reflect this information, and the receipt should confirm that the buyer received 100 units of the product. An example of 3-way matching for inventory, the purchase order specifies that the buyer ordered 100 units of inventory products at a certain price. At the point where checks are cut and signed, the only papers being shuffled around will be the invoices, the checks and a copy of the cash requirements journal. The checks can be pre-printed with a signature, perhaps requiring an additional signature for checks in excess of threshold amounts. The AP Manager, Accounting Manager, Controller, or CFO will not spend much time handling the checks. General ledger accounting codes are entered at the inception of the order, saving time by eliminating redundancy.

Automate your 3-way matching process with

Process improvement and efficiency leads to better time management and overall cost savings for an organization. Successful businesses find and implement ways to save time and money in order to further their growth and development. If an accounts payable employee encounters a one-off matching error, they will need to investigate the problem to solve it. The resolution takes extra time compared to a known repetitive issue. If the 3 documents don’t match then the invoice is put on hold until the errors/issues are sorted.

  • It’s a good idea for the person doing the receiving to make notations directly onto the packing slip, of missing or damaged items.
  • The process is allowing businesses to resolve them before payment is made.
  • With a small workforce, most early efforts involve staff members handling paperwork and entering information manually.
  • Before processing vendor payments, AP teams go over these 3 documents to verify that the product/service received by the company matches the details of what was initially ordered.

Alternatively, a software program takes on automated matching processes. After receiving a report, the team will look into the flagged invoices manually. Manual matching of thousands of supporting documents can be time-consuming, expensive and extremely labor-intensive.

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